Coffee Shop Business LIne of Credit

Overview of a Coffee Shop Business Line of Credit Loan

A business line of credit is a lot like a personal line of credit and similar to a business credit card. If you need working capital or cash for seasonal sales fluctuations you can tap into a credit line to meet those needs.

The advantages to having a credit line for your coffee shop are:

1. not having to pay for the credit that you have tapped into yet

2. have available cash when you need it

3. easy qualifying

Keep in mind that a credit line can be higher interest rate than a conventional loan and you may need to update your documentation if you don’t use your credit very often.

This is a great loan to have set up ahead of time if you know you will need the funds in the future. If your coffee shop also does catering or has seasonal business flucuations, a credit line can help with added payroll expense or to get through a slow period.


Loan Amount

10k to 1 Million


Payback Period

6 Months to 5 years


Interest Rates

 6.5% to 25%


Qualifying Time

As Fast As1 day

What is a Coffee Shop

Business Line of Credit

A coffee shop business line of credit is a loan is an available line of credit extended to a coffee shop for expenses and other working capital needs.

The coffee shop will only pay for capital that it uses.


Who Qualifies for a coffee shop business line of credit?

A credit line can be used for newer unestablished coffee shops that do not have a track record or for owners that have less than perfect credit. The loan terms will be shorter and have a slightly higher interest rate.

More established coffee shops will have longer terms and lower interest rates.


Annual Sales



Credit Score

620 and in some cases lower


Business Age

6 months to 1 Years

With a business line of credit you will need to have the following documentation and you may need to update the documents when you make a withdraw from the credit line. 

  • Driver’s License of the owners of the coffee shop
  • Business Plan
  • The Business Debt Schedule
  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Coffe Shop Business Bank Statements
  • Balance Sheet for all coffee shops that you want financing for combined
  • Profit & Loss Statements for all coffee shops combined
  • Personal Credit Score
  • Business Tax Returns

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